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The Power of Music

Introducing Marius Costea

Stories in Sound

When you grow up in the middle-of-nowhere with outdated radio options and 2 hours of political TV a day, you can't do much but dream about the song you once heard on the beach when a group of youngsters pulled off their stereo and ran those sounds over the speakers.
Then you get your hands on your first vinil bearing an international meaning, then a couple of tapes, growing to CD's and later a DVD collection, as international music becomes more and more available. Eventually you escape completely as what once was your cultural heritage becomes alien and astray. Without knowing you fell in love with the far away cream of music and all you want to do is do just the same, eventually make it yours. 


Marius has lived by that mantra his whole life, and built step by step that song he dreamed about as a kid. He picked up the guitar at 15 and dived into 70's rush, then going on the 80-90's rock slide for a while, eventually finding blues as inspiration and compatibility. But it was until he peeped at the hidden gems of country music in his mid 20's that he knew it is a path he won't leave too soon. 

He ran a few bands back in Romania heading for original songs as guitar player and singer, he shared experiences with amazing musicians constantly learning and getting influenced by. After a consistent break he engaged on constant cover gigs in Brussels to hone up, met the people who shared the passion for music and will soon become Belgo Cowboys. They went through various stages and collaborated with many musicians and eventually Marius settled for his initial quest, writing and producing originals having the strong support of Belgo Cowboys and real dear friends surrounding them. 

Marius is a single release driven musician, being independent does not leave room for vast campaigns. Each song is a message or a feeling which can be regarded as an entity without an album context. His drive is to create simple yet complex songs, to rise an emotion or a state to the listener.  If he finds himself humming the theme of the song in the making process, it's the best hint that it might make the funnel. As he mentions "every second counts, make sure not to waste it, if you did, you lost the song". Lacking academic studies, Marius regards music as a whole, as he shared his belief:  "Building songs takes intuition and feeling above music knowledge" 

Browse through the content of the site and enjoy Marius's work!

Tell a friend, make a pause, get along and feel good, music is a gift to cherish and share ...

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