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Belgo Cowboys is the backbone of Marius's music experience lately, a group formed on passion and commitment. Highly professionals and experienced musicians, Belgo Cowboys performed hundreds of cover gigs in Brussels Belgium, their home residence. But they are more than a band, they are friends and family brought together by the miracle of music.


Enea Guerra (Italy)

Drums  (backing vocal)

Professional talented Enea brought Belgo Cowboys to a stand with his incredible skills and patience of laying the tracks together. Enea is arguably the most enlightened musician in the band, but for Belgo Cowboys he is engine under the hood keeping the band tight and steady.  


Derek Upton (UK)

Bass guitar

Derek is the veteran of music in the band, having crossed many genres and musical experiences. Derek is rolling the wheels of Belgo Cowboys with his wit and stout touches.


Marco Olita (Italy)

Guitar (backing vocal)

​​Marco is an exceptional blues-rock musician! As songwriter he is stretching his skills to various genres, exploring music in many direction. Marco brings the salt and pepper completing Belgo Cowboys'flavor.  


Gustavo Lopez (Mexico)


Gustavo is an absolute master of black and white  magic! His musical spectrum is stretching trough a wide range of genres, his ability to capture the essence of music, undisputable. His stunning skills are enriching Belgo Cowboys legacy to its highest! 

Luca 1_edited.jpg

Luca Trinchieri (Italy)

Keyboards 2019-2022

Luca left the band in 2022 following his career prospects.

Having an enhanced musical history, Luca joined the band in 2019 bringing in the richness of the keys, completing the sound and making Belgo Cowboys run smoothly on their shows. Luca was the cherry on the top providing Belgo Cowboys with elegance and smoothness. 

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Rahul Venkit (India)

Guitar / voice / promoter 2015-2017

Rahul left the band in 2017 to focus on various personal projects.

Rahul is not in the band for a long while, but the band itself is a tribute to him. Rahul has a unique trait of putting people together and so he did with Belgo Cowboys. He joined Marius in the early gigs introducing Derek and actively supported the band thorough the time. As professional media expert he produced some of the videos and joined Belgo Cowboys in most of their endeavor.

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